I am spending three months in Sweden, at Real Gymnasiet in Borås. Right away, I had and still am having a great time.

The school is very relaxed compared to what I’m used to from my school, at home. The teachers seem to be a lot closer and more caring about each student. They are all very helpful trying to make it possible for me to join all the assignments even if that means that they´d spend extra time explaining it all over again for me or looking for alternative texts in English. I probably wouldn’t have chosen Real myself because it´s very different to all the schools I knew so far. But I´m glad I ended up here.

One of the coolest things we did during my time here, was when we went ice swimming. We learned how to successfully crawl out of the icy water and onto the thick ice and then tried it out at a frozen lake. But like with everything at Real, no-one was forced or even pushed to do it. The same with presentations. Sometimes you are free to choose whether you want to present or just hand the text in for example. If you still struggle with presentations you also get the chance to present only in front of only a few people first, until you feel more comfortable. That’s something else that´s very different from what I’m used to.

I also get extra Swedish classes once a week and on Fridays I join another class because that day my usual class (NB18A) is at their APL workplaces. So Fridays are the most boring days but in exchange Mondays are extra cool, when we have class with only the “adventure kids” (Nature & Adventure program). That´s the day when we have outdoor activities and learn lots of practical things.

I would 10/10 recommend Real to anyone interested in their programs and recommend Sweden to every single person alive, it´s amazing!!


Johanna från Liechtenstein